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Curated pages: NEAR


Welcome to NEAR’s dedicated space on Kaya, it is exciting to see you here!

This platform has been brought to you through a partnership between NEAR and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.  The courses listed below have been carefully selected to fortify your learning experience, and to enable you acquire or improve various skills from diverse topics, including humanitarian, financial management, project management and more. Once you identify a course that you need, we urge you to create time for it, complete it and we would love to hear about your experience.

Please click on a course image below to get started. 

Courses 1-16 (on rows 1-4 if you are accessing on a PC) are the Humanitarian Essentials

Courses 17-34 (on rows 5-9 if you are accessing on a PC) are the Management Essentials

Also note that some of these courses are available in French/Arabic - click on them to see