Length: 60 minutes, which includes a panel discussion with qualified coaches and experts in their field, followed by a Q&A session in which learners participated and discussed what they had heard.

Purpose: To create awareness, generate discussion and share practical experiences and insights around coaching and mentoring. In particular, the following was explored:

  • The key differences and similarities between coaching and mentoring, including when to use one or the other in light of what an individual may need, as well as the most effective methods and techniques that can be used.
  • How we can overcome situational challenges that individuals may face when putting coaching and mentoring into practice within a fast-paced humanitarian context, including dealing with time constraints; issues of culture and language; and distance coaching.
  • How coaching and mentoring has been effectively put into practice within a humanitarian context to deliver project work – hearing from those with direct experience through the sharing of stories, practical insights and advice in order to motivate learners to do the same.

Speakers: The following speakers joined us and led the discussion:

  • Gabrielle Schembri, Learning Programmes Manager, Humanitarian Leadership Academy
  • Esther de Vreede, Independent Coach, CHS Alliance
  • Ezekiel Mario Lein, Head of the Analysis and Communications Unit, UN OCHA for the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)
  • Shola Awolesi, Learning and Development Consultant