This course is the induction and onboarding package that the UN Volunteers programme (UNV) use with their new volunteers. It is provided here as a useful example of an induction that can be run with volunteers in the humanitarian and development sectors.

This course is useful for current and prospective volunteers who are interested in working in the humanitarian development sector in their country of origin or internationally. It is also useful for organisations who need to recruit, onboard and support volunteers during their assignment. 

There are four modules in the course. Each will take around an hour to complete. 

Module 1: UNV and vounteerism
Module 2: Ethics and integrity
Module 3: Hosting a UN Volunteer
Module 4: Cultural awareness - living and working in a multicultural environment.

For organisations, we particularly recommend Module 1: UNV and Volunteerism and Module 3: Hosting a UN Volunteer.

The modules are available in English, Spanish and French. 

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