This playlist is for anyone interested in developing and offering learning for the humanitarian sector. 

This includes humanitarian workers who are interested in training or facilitating face-to-face courses and workers; developing innovative technologies including animations, virtual reality films, and online games; and the skills needed for designing and assessing online courses.

Is this course for me  Is this Playlist for me?
Yes, definitely! As humanitarians we are all committed to continuing our learning in order to be prepared to respond to humanitarian crises in the most effective way. The design and delivery of this learning is central to improving humanitarian response.

Whether you work in a training or technical role, in an office or in the field, this Playlist is built for you. You can explore and take what you need to know about learning, and own learning or reach out to the Humanitarian Leadership Academy to design learning together.

How will I benefit from this course  How will I benefit from this Playlist?

This Playlist will help you if you are looking to create new learning or build your awareness of different learning methods, such as an online course or blended workshop, and are not sure where to begin.

How long will it take  How long will it take?

Each individual section will take you anything from 1 to 6 hours depending on how much you engage with the courses and access the additional resources.You do not need to complete the Playlist at all, and you can review the different sections in any order you choose.

How much does it cost  How much does it cost?
 This Playlist is free

Will I get a certificate at the end  Will I get a certificate at the end?

Each course in the Playlist includes a certificate on completion. You can choose to collect these certificates and save or share them on social media as you continue to explore the Pathway. 

If you complete the Innovation Essentials course under ‘How do you use innovation in your learning design?’ you will also be awarded a digital badge.

A digital badge is like a certificate but it can be stored, displayed and shared online. You can create a portfolio of badges on myHPass, a platform dedicated to recognising humanitarians' skills and experience.

How do I start  How do I start?
 Click on the   Join course   button on this page. This will take you through to the course modules. Don't worry, if you stop a module halfway through, you can always continue later from where you left off.


For inquiries about how the Humanitarian Leadership Academy can design learning to meet your organisation's needs, email: