This webinar series, run by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, is for humanitarians who are looking to improve their skills in developing online learning. Each webinar provides humanitarians with an opportunity to interact with a subject matter expert in online learning, and to reflect on how they can use and apply online learning in their current COVID-19 response.

Is this course for me  Is this webinar series for me?
Yes, definitely! As humanitarians we are all committed to continuing our learning in order to be prepared to respond to the current COVID-19  in the most effective way. Knowledge and experience in designing and facilitating online learning is important in the response, with teams working remotely. 

Whether you work in a training or technical role, in an office or in the field, this webinar series is for you. You are encouraged to participate, try out the tools in the webinars and share your knowledge and experience with others.

How will I benefit from this course  How will I benefit from this webinar series?

This webinar series will help you if you are looking to transform face to face learning into online content, if you are looking for ways to encourage engagement between colleagues and learners remotely, or if you are looking for design inspiration to create new learning online.

A certificate scroll with a rosette on it
 Will I get a digital badge or e-certificate at the end?

Yes, we aim to recognise your participation and learning from the webinar series. To claim your digital badge, you will need to meet the following criteria::

-Attend the webinar live or watch the pre-recorded webinar

-Answer two reflection questions about the webinar.

You will be awarded a digital badge for each webinar that you successfully meet the above criteria for.

How much does it cost  How much does it cost?
 This webinar series is free.

A clock showing 15 minutes passing
 How long will it take?

Each webinar lasts between 1-1.5 hours. The webinars are recorded for you to catch up on any that you missed. 

How do I start
How do I start?

Click on the   Join course   button on this page. This will take you through to the webinar series, where you can register for each webinar individually or listen on demand to previous webinars.