Our Network

Our Network

As part of our vision for the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, we are pleased to announce that we are accelerating our ambition to create truly localised learning. Our Academy Centres are transitioning to joint initiatives, delivered through our existing local partners. Our partners have established presence in the locations where we need to reach those most vulnerable to disasters and crises. 

This new model and way of working will be more impactful and cost-effective, ensuring that we shift the power to local partners. 

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with CODE NGO (Caucus of Development NGO Networks) in the Philippines and with the Global Health Institute of the American University of Beirut in the Middle East. In East Africa and Bangladesh, we are continuing to have discussions with potential partners.

Saba Al Mubaslat, CEO, Humanitarian Leadership Academy said:

“We are excited that our vision of a local approach to humanitarian learning is coming to fruition. We know through our experience over the past three years that local communities are best placed to respond to emergencies in their countries. We just need to make sure they have the knowledge and know-how to do it.

Our learning is easily accessible on our online platform – Kaya – as well as through workshops, webinars and partner activities. Our network will ensure this learning meets the needs of, and reaches front-line responders. We will continue to work with different sectors to get the best learning and innovation to save lives and safeguard livelihoods.”

More information about these exciting new partnerships will become available on Kaya in early 2019.

Last modified: Thursday, 15 November 2018, 7:13 PM