Welcome to the Innovation Essentials course. 

The course is designed to provide you with an underpinning knowledge of what the basic elements for innovation are and the core concepts and models that support innovation in the humanitarian sector.

The course includes an e-learning module, a facilitator guide and additional resources designed for you to study independently and also to provide facilitators with support and guidance in workshop settings.

This course is designed to be compatible with Elrha's Humanitarian Innovation Guide. Both the guide and this course were developed in parallel. This course is designed as an introduction to humanitarian innovation and the Humanitarian Innovation Guide provides deeper guidance on how to carry out innovation in humanitarian contexts. 

Both this Essentials course and the Humanitarian Innovation Guide draw from the Elrha-ALNAP ‘More Than Just Luck’ series of case studies.

a circle with an icon of a learner and a question markIs this course for me?
Innovation is a relatively new concept in a humanitarian sector. Having first been considered as a concept in the past decade, is still in its infancy in terms of regular practice. This course provides you with the first clear steps, as a humanitarian worker, on how to innovate from within your own organisation.

a circle with an icon of a learner and light bulbHow will I benefit from this course?
On completion of this course you will know:
  • What innovation in the humanitarian sector is
  • Who innovations must be designed for
  • Why humanitarian innovation is unique
  • How innovation can be managed

a circle with a clock in itHow long will it take?
It should take you about an hour to complete the e-learning module and the pre- and post-assessments. There may be an option to join a 2 hours workshop or a virtual session.

a circle with money in itHow much does it cost?
 This course is free.

a circle with a certificate in itWill I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes - you will be able to download a certificate and claim a digital badge after you have completed the e-learning module, the pre- and post-assessments and the feedback form.

a circle with startHow do I start? 
 Click on the      Join course      button on this page. This will take you through to the course. Don't worry if you stop the course halfway through, you can always continue later from where you left off.