What will you learn:

Understanding the risk factors relating to health and nutrition that arise in emergencies is essential if we are to reduce preventable illness and death. With this course, you’ll learn to identify which risks to health and nutrition increase in different types of emergencies. 

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

Explain how different types of emergencies interact with health and nutrition risk factors

Define key terms and concepts

Describe the importance of pre-emergency risk assessments             

The course consists of five tutorial topics and a final assessment which will allow you to check your understanding of the issues. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course. 

How long is it?:

It should take you about 60 minutes to complete the course - and it's up to you whether you complete it in a single sitting or spread it out over a number of sessions.

 If you do choose to spread it over a number of sessions, the course will automatically record your progress and you will be able to resume where you left off.

How can I access it?:

The course is free of charge. There is no prerequisite to take it. This course is also available in French, Spanish and Arabic

Next steps: 

This introductory course covers the basic concepts and principles of how emergencies affect health and nutrition.  There is also a companion course EFFECTS OF EMERGENCIES ON HEALTH & NUTRITION: AN ADVANCED GUIDE aimed at health professionals which explores the issues in greater detail, which you can take after finishing this one.