What will you learn: 

This course explores the effects of emergencies on health and nutrition. This is the advanced course and builds on what you learned in the introductory course. You will only be able to take Effects of Emergencies on Health and Nutrition - An Advanced Guide once you have completed Effects of emergencies on health & nutrition in emergencies: an introduction

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Even prior to an assessment, identify the likely current and future main causes of excess morbidity, mortality and malnutrition depending on the type of emergency, using a causal analysis

Demonstrate how to respond to emergencies with the required urgency

This course consists of a causal analysis of 10 main risk factors to health and nutrition, in relation to preventable causes of excess death in emergencies. This is followed by three scenarios in which you will get the chance to apply your knowledge. It concludes with a short assessment. The pass rate is 80% but if you don’t reach that you can review the material and try again. When you pass the course you will receive a certificate.  

How long is it?:

It should take you about 80 minutes to complete the course - and it's up to you whether you complete it in a single sitting or spread it out over a number of sessions.

If you do choose to spread it over a number of sessions, the course will automatically record your progress and you will be able to resume where you left off.

How can I access it?:

The course is free of charge. You must have completed the introductory course: EFFECTS OF EMERGENCIES ON HEALTH & NUTRITION: AN INTRODUCTION before accessing this one. 

This course is also available in French, Spanish and Arabic