Welcome to Providers Share Workshop (PSW) Facilitator Training

This is an online course in PSW facilitation, led by PSW master trainers and facilitators, and by the original developers of PSW. It's intended for experienced facilitators and trainers, and will give you a detailed introduction to leading the PSW. The course is designed to replace an in-person facilitators training, which would normally take place over several days. The content is divided into four main learning sections, and consists of 19 videos with animations, plus activities to build your understanding of the workshop.

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Is this course for me?
The course is designed for experienced facilitators and trainers, who are working in the field of abortion and post abortion care.
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How will I benefit from this course?
On completion of this course you will:
  • Have learned how to lead a full workshop with another facilitator. The course also includes background history of the PSW's development, and principles of group work and in-depth information about abortion stigma, which are at the heart of the PSW. The videos can be viewed multiple times to refresh your memory in the future.
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How long will it take?
 This course should take you around 4-6 hours to complete.
Please approach this as a training experience, and take time for reflection and discussion.  You will receive a certificate on completion of this course. 
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How much does it cost?
 This course is free!
The word START and a question mark in a circleHow do I start?
 Scroll to the top of the page and click on the       Join course       button. This will take you through to the course content. You don't need to complete the course in one go - you can always continue later from where you left off.

You will receive a certificate on completion of the course. 

This course was created and is administered by MSI Reproductive Choices, and course administrators from University of Michigan and the PSW Community of Practice. By joining this course you are consenting to these organisations being given access to your Kaya profile information, including your name and email address, so that they can provide the course. 

This may require them to contact you. Your data will be anonymised before it is used for any analysis or reporting purposes. If you have any questions about this, please email kate.austen@msichoices.org.