This Project Implementation: Delivery, Monitoring and Adaptation module is part of the wider FIELD Programme.

FIELD is a ground-breaking, free capacity building programme. FIELD’s focus is to develop the pool of local, national, and international staff who can prepare for and take charge of in-country operational programmes in humanitarian responses.

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Implementation in humanitarian settings is messy and many things can go wrong. However, too often, failed projects are attributed as the victims of circumstances that were “out of our control.” While this explanation might be valid at times, it is often used as an excuse and fails to acknowledge that the project could have been better anticipated, analysed, and actively managed.

This module explores the reality that humanitarian projects are complicated and complex and hence very often implementation becomes unpredictable due to the many changing parameters defining the project.

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Approximately 1 hour. You can exit at any time and when you return, the module will take you to where you left off.

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This course is free!

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Yes - you will be able to download a digital badge once you have have completed the module and it's feedback survey. The FIELD Programme does not offer certificates.

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