This FIELD Visit Challenge - Communications, Media and Advocacy module is part of the wider FIELD Programme.

FIELD is a ground-breaking, free capacity building programme. FIELD’s focus is to develop the pool of local, national, and international staff who can prepare for and take charge of in-country operational programmes in humanitarian responses.

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a circle with an icon of a learner and light bulbHow will I benefit from this course?
This scenario-based module is designed to help you put the following learnings into practice by making correct choices in the situations presented to you.
  • How and when to communicate key information.
  • How to maximise the media exposure and organisational impact.
  • How to handle interviews appropriately and sensitively.
  • How to recognise best practice communication, media and advocacy activities which should be considered in a response.

a circle with a clock in itHow long will it take?

Approximately 30 minutes. You can exit at any time and when you return, the module will take you to where you left off.

a circle with money in itHow much does it cost?
 This course is free!

a circle with startHow do I start? 
 Click on the 'Join course' button on this page. This will take you through to the course page.

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