Welcome to the Adolescents in Humanitarian Contexts course.
Adolescents are often overlooked in humanitarian responses, even though they are one of the most affected age groups during a crisis. This module is designed to provide guidance for practitioners working in different humanitarian contexts, from protracted crises to rapid onset emergencies. Recommended approaches are based on evidence from the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as global evidence. The 10 Core approaches are the result of a desk review, consultations with practitioners and recommendations from young people.

The module is available in English and Arabic, and can be run on mobile phones, tablets and computers, both online and offline. 

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Is this course for me?
The module is based on regional and global evidence on good practices and approaches working with adolescents in humanitarian contexts. It is tailored for practitioners working in the Middle East and North Africa region, but has global application. We hope the module will become a reference material for your daily work with adolescents. 

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How will I benefit from this course?
On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain ‘who are adolescents?’ – broadly and in humanitarian contexts.
  • Identify the key domains of adolescent development and understand how the development stages differ for boys and girls, and for different age groups.
  • Explain how displacement and conflict can affect adolescent development and impact upon adolescent wellbeing.
  • Identify and be familiar with Save the Children Middle East and Eastern Europe ten core approaches to working with adolescents in humanitarian contexts.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of what we, as practitioners, need to put in place to facilitate effective programmes for adolescents in humanitarian context.

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How long will it take?
 This course should take you around 3 hours to complete.

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How much does it cost?
 This course is free!

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Will I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes - you will be able to download a certificate once you have have completed all of the modules within the course.

The word START and a question mark in a circleHow do I start?
 Scroll to the top of the page and click on the       Join        button. This will take you through to the course page itself. You don't need to complete the course in one go - you can always continue later from where you left off.