Kaya Offline

The Kaya Offline Player is here!

You can now use Kaya without an internet connection - simply download the courses you want onto our Offline Player, and they are yours to complete wherever and whenever you want.

You can still access completion certificates when using the Offline Player, and you can sync all of your progress to your online profile as soon as you have an internet connection again.

The Offline Player can host several different accounts, so if your whole team is away with just one laptop, you can all access courses and keep track of your individual progress within the same Player.

Click here to download the Kaya Offline Player

You will need to be online when you first use the Player, so that you can download the courses. Once downloaded, the courses are available without internet access.

You can find out more in the quick start guide PDF

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 9:34 AM