Organisational Solutions

Kaya Products 

A range of bespoke learning spaces for your organisation to curate, create and share learning with your specific audience.

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Organisational Learning Service

A service that can support your organisation to build a strong foundation for learning through policies, systems and processes that form the basis of effective, impactful and sustainable capacity development. From putting in place effective knowledge sharing practices to designing an operating model for your learning function, our approach is designed to make learning an organic, intuitive part of your organisation, tailored to your needs, context and resources, simplifying your work rather than adding a bureaucratic burden. 

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Learning Design Service

A service that can support your organisation to design, develop, implement, and evaluate learning. From translating and contextualising existing content, to developing a course or pathway from scratch – we can work with you to design high-quality learning opportunities that meet the needs of your learners.

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