Welcome to the recording of the webinar on Applying Humanitarian Principles in Context. This webinar was delivered as part of the Humanitarian Essentials MOOC that took place in October 2017. In the webinar, you are taken through 4 different dilemmas that arise when applying the humanitarian principles. Every dilemma is presented in the context of real humanitarian intervention.
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Is this webinar for me?

If you are beginning at the early stage of your career in the humanitarian sector this webinar will develop your awareness of humanitarian principles and their application in practice. On the other hand if you are already experienced in the sector this webinar will help you refresh your knowledge of humanitarian principles and how different dilemmas can be approached.

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How will I benefit from this webinar?
By the end of this webinar recording you will:
  • be familiar on how to apply humanitarian principles in different contexts by explaining dilemmas of humanitarian interventions.

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How long will it take?
 It should take you about 60 min. 

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How much does it cost?
 This webinar is free.

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Will I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes! You will be able to download a certificate after you have completed watching the recording and the feedback form.

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