This course provides access to a recorded version of a webinar, as well as supplementary resources to help you to get your business ready for disasters.

Length: 60 minutes, which includes a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session in which learners participated and discussed what they had heard.

Background: Over the past 18 months the Philippines Academy Centre, in partnership with Unilever and Save the Children, have run a programme on business continuity planning (BCP) for micro, small and medium enterprises. This programme aimed to reach 1,000 business owners from across the Philippines, both from Unilever’s value chain and from the wider community, including several that are vulnerable to and have been subject to crises during the period. The aim was to build resilience in local supply chains and of small scale retailers, including getting businesses back up and running as quickly as possible after a natural disaster; to contribute to enhanced livelihoods in vulnerable communities in the Philippines.

Purpose of webinar: To create awareness, generate discussion and share practical experiences and case studies around business continuity planning. In particular, we explored the following:

  • The Academy-Unilever partnership and BCP programme to date, and what it aims to achieve;
  • The need for BCP for disaster risk reduction, and to explore its impact through case studies;
  • Practical tips and advice on how to start the BCP process;
  • Methods for replicating and scaling the BCP programme in the future; and
  • Further BCP resources that are available, including an e-learning module and blended training that will be hosted on Kaya.

Audience: This webinar is particularly targeted to those who are seeking a stronger understanding of the practicalities and impact of business continuity planning - including national and international humanitarian organisations, local and national governments, private sector, micro small and medium business owners, and the local community.