Welcome to Starlink in Disaster and Humanitarian Response

This self-directed online course will provide a quick guide to Starlink, including Starlink's relevance for the humanitarian and development sectors. It gives an overview of the currently available equipment and services that Starlink offers and provides instructions on how to set up a basic Starlink terminal. The course also covers relevant regulations and compliance, and factors that nonprofits should consider when thinking about transitioning to Starlink for their internet connectivity solutions. Finally, the course includes three case studies from humanitarian and development nonprofits who have considered using Starlink or have incorporated it into their operations.

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Is this course for me?
This course is open to anyone working in the development, humanitarian, and/or conservation fields who are interested in learning more about using Starlink as their connectivity solution.
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How will I benefit from this course?
On completion of this course you will:
  • Identify key features and benefits of using Starlink technologies in humanitarian and disaster contexts.
  • Compare the types of Starlink services available in order to decide the most appropriate service for your organization. 
  • Practice conducting a site survey, including through use of the Starlink app.
  • Explain how to set up a Starlink terminal from start to finish. 
  • Identify how to troubleshoot common Starlink issues. 
  • Examine data usage policies, national regulations, and network security issues related to Starlink. 
  • Analyze key considerations for NGOs to take into account when deciding whether to transition to Starlink equipment and services. 
  • Identify areas of future development for Starlink and other satellite-based internet services. 
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How long will it take?
 This course should take you around 2.5 hours to complete.
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How much does it cost?
 This course is free!
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Will I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes - you will be able to download a certificate once you have have completed all of the modules within the course.
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 Scroll to the top of the page and click on the      I agree - Join course       button. This will take you through to the course content. You don't need to complete the course in one go - you can always continue later from where you left off.
Data protection and consent

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