The Across Organisational Mentoring Programme has been established to connect individuals across participating humanitarian / development organisations, drawing on experience across the sector to support professional development through mentoring. The Women in Leadership version of the AOMP focuses specifically on supporting women, who are both current and developing leaders, in their professional development and aspirations to develop further as leaders in the sector.

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 Is this course for me?

The WIL AOMP is aimed at the following people to become mentees and mentors:

Female mentees

  • Female leaders or future leaders in the humanitarian / development sector
  • Currently at junior or mid-level manager role, although we welcome applications from more senior women leaders also. With around 5+ years relevant experience as a minimum.
  • Priority will be given to local staff and partners
  • Diverse applications are encouraged including, but not limited to applications from persons with disabilities, diverse ethnic backgrounds, and diverse sexual orientation.

Mentors (of both genders)

  • Experienced senior leaders in the humanitarian/ development sector who show an interest in and aptitude for mentoring
  • Ideally has field experience
  • Bi-lingual applicants in English, French, Arabic or Spanish are welcome
  • Diverse applications are encouraged including, but not limited to applications from females, persons with disabilities, diverse ethnic backgrounds, and diverse sexual orientation.

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 How will I benefit from this course?

The humanitarian and development sector rely on working together to be more effective in what we do. The across organisation approach creates more dialogue, closer working and allows participants to share learning between key humanitarian and development organisations globally.

We aim to build trusted collaborative relationships in the humanitarian/ development sector, capable of delivering transformational change at the individual, organisational and environmental level through mentoring.

This programme is primarily focused on developing the leadership skills of women in the sector, whether they are aspiring leaders or already have leadership experience.

By the end of the programme:

  • Mentees have made progress against their individual learning goals
  • Mentees have developed competence and confidence in their leadership skills and ability
  • Both mentors and mentees have developed new perspectives and understanding as a result of the cross-organisation interaction.
  • Mentors report that they have developed their own skills and confidence as a mentor.
  • Mentors report that they have gained personal satisfaction from mentoring.

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 How long will it take?
 The mentoring programme commences in late June 2022 and will continue for approximately 9 to 12 months depending on the mentoring pair.  

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 How much does it cost?
 This programme is free!

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 Will I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes, you can download a participation certificate at the end of the programme.

The word START and a question mark in a circle How do I start?

Scroll to the top of the page and click on the Join course button. This will take you through to the programme content.

Data protection and consent

This programme is delivered and administered by Coach Mentoring Ltd and Save the Children and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. By joining this course you are consenting to Coach Mentoring Ltd being given access to your Kaya profile information, including your name and email address, so that they can provide the course. This may require them to contact you. Your data will be anonymised before it is used for any analysis or reporting purposes. If you have any questions about this, please email  Lis Merrick or Jacki Mason at Coach Mentoring Ltd at