This course is designed to help you talk with your clients about their family planning options and make an informed decision about using DMPA-SC. It also covers the steps necessary to equip your clients for independent self-injection. Taking enough time to counsel and train your clients will help ensure their success in self-injecting on their own for as long as they wish to continue.

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Is this course for me?

The course is designed for both facility-based and community health workers with diverse levels of expertise who are offering family planning in the context of informed choice and a range of contraceptive options.

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How will I benefit from this course?
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain possible side effects of DMPA, which are similar whether your client is using the subcutaneous or intramuscular presentation
  • List key counseling messages to share with clients during injection visits
  • Tell your client what to do if she has questions or concerns or is experiencing health issues
  • Understand why self-injection counseling is important
  • Prepare for self-injection training and counseling
  • Train and counsel clients on self-injection, including advising them on:
    • Proper storage and disposal
    • Proper self-injection technique
    • Calculating reinjection dates
  • Review key DMPA-SC counseling messages for self-injectors
  • Conduct self-injection resupply visits
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How long will it take?
 This course will take you approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

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How much does it cost?
 This course is free.

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Will I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes. You will be able to download a certificate once you have have completed and passed the course.

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 Scroll to the top of the page and click on the       Join course       button. This will take you to the course content. You don't need to complete the course all at once—you can always continue later from where you left off.
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