Welcome to the Creative Learning course! 

In this course, you will meet a team of e-learning professionals, a humanitarian learning and development coordinator, and a subject matter expert who are working on the production of an e-learning course.

This series of animated videos and accompanying handouts will help you to become confident in creating your own self-guided and self-directed learning. By following the guidance, you will be able to make your e-learning stand out! 

You are welcome to have a look at the modules at any time when you are thinking about creating an e-learning course to learn about the process. And we encourage you to come back to them as soon as you start the process, to refresh your understanding and guide your next steps.

This course consists of 11 modules:

  1. Instructional Design 
  2. Learning needs analysis
  3. From e-learning design to its development
  4. Your audience
  5. Universal design & accessibility
  6. First design steps
  7. Interface best practices 
  8. Writing
  9. Visual design
  10. User feedback
  11. Authoring tools

A person with a thinking bubble Is this course for me?
This course is especially relevant for those who would like to understand the process of e-learning creation:
  • Learning and development professionals who are shifting their focus from face-to-face to online learning
  • Subject matter experts tasked with helping to build an e-learning course
  • Project managers working with an e-learning provider to deliver a self-guided course.

A person with a lightbulb over their head How will I benefit from this course?

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Follow an instructional design model in your e-learning creation project
  2. Describe your target audience in-depth (using a learning persona)
  3. Identify key milestones in the e-learning development process
  4. Explain what an authoring tool is and what considerations you should be aware of when choosing one for your project.

      A clock showing 15 minutes passing How long will it take?
      Each module takes 10-20 minutes, including a 3 minute animated video, an interactive module, and a downloadable infographic. 

      A certificate scroll with a rosette on it
      Will I get a digital badge and a certificate at the end?
        Yes. You will receive 3 milestone badges for completing the sections 1-4, 5-8, and 9-11. You will receive your full Creative Learning digital badge and certificate when you complete all sections and pass the final quiz.

      Three stacks of coins with a question mark on the top How much does it cost?
        This course is free!

      The word START and a question mark in a circle How do I start?
        Click on the     Join course     button on this page. This will take you through to the course modules.