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 Is this course for me?

The aim of the programme is to continue to build your training competencies so that you can cascade learning in your local area/region/organisation.

What is ToT (Transformation of Training)?

 Our ability to cascade learning at national and regional level is a critical skillset that will determine our success in building a humanitarian system, where countries have the capacity and capability to prepare for and respond to the growing number of complex and protracted crises in the world.  

The ToT aims to build a global pool of highly skilled facilitators, who will be able to deliver quality humanitarian training to strengthen capacity and capability at regional, national and local level.

We build this pool through a mix of facilitator led learning pathways, standalone modules and assessments. 

These pathways are for you if you are working in humanitarian response and want to further develop your capacity at the individual and organisational levels.

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 How will I benefit from this course?

By completing the Professional level Learning Pathway, you will be able to; 

  • Design and deliver targeted and bespoke training; both face-to-face and digital 
  • Use various modes of training delivery to fit the context
  • Demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours at the professional level ​of the ToT Competency Framework.
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 How long will it take?
 The learning pathway will take approx. 50-70 hours to complete and is self-paced.

The Professional level pathway uses a self-directed learning approach where the emphasis is on the learner to acquire the required skills, knowledge and behaviours through gathering 360 feedback and completing standalone modules prior to attending a Assessment/Development centre. 

You will be required to complete a Learning Design task where you undertake a Learning/Training Needs Analysis, design a training intervention and share one detailed segment of this intervention with your peers for feedback.

You will also deliver a segment of your training intervention to peers, who will then assess and coach you. 
There will be peer coaching sessions during the learning pathway to support your learning.

Learner hours are approx. 50-70 hrs (self-led, task completion and participation in virtual assessment/development centre).

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 How much does it cost?
 The Learning Pathway is free!

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 Will I get a badge or certificate at the end?
 Yes - you will be able to claim your HPASS certification once you have completed  the Assessment Centre and achieved a Pass score.

The word START and a question mark in a circle How do I start?

In order to be considered for the ToT Professional level, potential participants will be required to demonstrate any two (2) of the requirements below:

  1. Graduate and hold a certificate of completion from the ToT Foundation level. 
  2. Provide a comprehensive training report in form of self-reflective task upon request. ​
  3. Possess 5+ Years of training experience as corroborated by the respective line manager. 
Reach out on ToT@savethechildren.org.uk