New course: Humanitarian Futures and Foresight

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy, in collaboration with global experts from the Institute for the Future and the Humanitarian Learning Centre, have created an exciting new online course that will teach you how to plan in the present for things that could happen in the future that you know may disrupt your work or your organisation's work. As a result, you will learn to think disruptively and plan strategically to build a stronger strategy that is more durable and resistant to new innovations.

At the end of the course, humanitarian professionals will be able to:

  • Discuss foresight using the basic concepts
  • Spot and know the difference between trends, disruptions and signals
  • Understand the future of Natural Hazards, Famine and Food Security, and Protracted Crises and Displacement on a deeper level and spot future signals
  • Apply foresight methods to their work and for their organisation
  • Build a case for your project, point of view, etc. by creating a compelling future scenario that uses insights from foresight methods and storytelling theory.