Playlist: New volunteer

Welcome to the Volunteer playlist. You may already be volunteering as part of a humanitarian response, have previous experience of volunteering or are looking to volunteer in the future.  

This playlist brings together some basic information about humanitarian response and what it means to volunteer.  It includes videos and elearning modules, which can be accessed in your own time and in any order. 

The contents of this playlist will be updated regularly to meet need as new content and new standards are developed.

The different topics are:

1. Introduction to the Sphere Handbook - All volunteers will hear about the Sphere Handbook, so it is useful to know what it is and how it came about

2. Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard - Volunteers should know about the Core Humanitarian Standard as it will help to explain why decisions are taken in humanitarian responses.

3. Security Awareness - Nobody should rely on just their common sense to keep them safe when travelling. These courses will make sure nothing is forgotten or left to chance.

4. Making it as international development & humanitarian professional - a video about the sector, and how to make it your career.