Our Mission

Collaboration is the cornerstone of the Academy. To be truly transformative, the Academy cannot act alone.

We will work together across the humanitarian sector to ensure that information, knowledge, learning and resources are shared to make us all more efficient in this time of growing pressure. We will bring in people from outside the traditional humanitarian sector too – from technology companies to universities.

Working in partnership is central to the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and our mission to empower people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. Working with partners deeply rooted in their own societies will enable the Academy to reach more people meaningfully, with better quality, at scale and cost effectively. Successful partnerships increase the impact and sustainability of our work. Partnerships also embody the shift of humanitarian power towards communities in developing countries. We recognise that the quality of partnership is determined primarily by the choices made and relationships built at the local level.

We will partner with and draw on the experience of the corporate sector, learning professionals, academia, international institutions, governments and NGOs from across the globe.

Our partnerships will be based on the following principles:

  • Mutual Benefit

    with clear and agreed common vision for the partnership, which is mutually beneficial for both parties and contributes to a positive impact on our target groups

  • Equity and empowerment

    where values are aligned and understanding and respect for differences in opinion and culture is practiced

  • Accountability and transparency

    with clear and rational decision making and open communication

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