Academy Centres

The Academy will work on the ground and online. Where we are working on-the-ground, we will set up Academy centres. Centres will run as organisations in their own right, with their own strategies and approaches. They will be responsible for running events, creating new learning - including some of the courses you see on Kaya - and forming partnerships in their countries or regions.

Centres are currently open in the Philippines and Kenya. The next Centre to open will be in the Middle East.

We will have ten Academy Centres open before 2020. The ten Centres will all look and feel very different to each other as they will all be responding to different needs. There is no blue print, and what is needed in each Centre will change as time goes on. Each Centre will share knowledge and experience with the others, so that the whole network can learn and grow.

The products and services offered by each Academy Centre itself will also differ. Decisions will be made by the Centres based on local need. The Academy's focus is on adding value to existing provision where possible, working with partners to improve the quality, impact, scalability, accessibility and sustainability. The aim is for partners to have greater reach and impact through working with the Academy, rather than Centres having a standard product offer built to fit every location and purpose.

Map of the world showing locations and potential locations of Academy Centres

The Academy currently plans to open Centres in Indonesia, Bangladesh, West Africa, Southern Africa, Latin America, South East Asia and the UK.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 May 2016, 11:44 AM