This course provides access to a recorded version of a webinar.

Give2Asia and the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) are implementing a 2-year program called NGO Disaster Preparedness Program Phase II: Deepening Disaster Resilience. It builds on the experiences and success of the Phase I Program and expands the network of community-based nonprofits in Asia, as well as international donors, focused on disaster preparedness.

Purpose of webinar: This webinar aims to help participants: 

1) To build awareness among NGOs and other stakeholders in Asia about the evolving roles of local NGOs and challenges that confronts them in disaster risk reduction; and

2) To create more buy-in among stakeholders to participate and support the disaster preparedness local NGO Community of Practice 

Webinar speakers:

  • Mr. John Batten, senior adviser to IIRR, talks and discusses the role of local NGOs in community development including disaster resilience, the challenges they are facing and some future work they need to do to ensure their impact and sustainability.
  • Ms. Sheena Agarwal, Development Manager for Disaster Programs of Give2Asia, talks about the NGO Disaster Preparedness Program, its background, highlights of achievements and the future directions of the program to address challenges on disaster preparedness in Asia.
  • Mr. Wilson John Barbon, regional program manager for DRR at IIRR. He talks about the community of practice website at and also serves as the overall moderator of the webinar.

Length: 60 minutes, which includes a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session.