Welcome to the Access to Benefits and Claims after Disaster (ABCD) Primer x Management of the Dead and Missing (MDM) Module.  This online course will allow you to read and download the ABCD Primer and the MDM module.  

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Yes! The expanded IDEALS’ Access to Benefits and Claims after Disaster Primer (ABCD Primer, Vol. 2) is a compilation of benefits available from  fifteen (15) various government agencies to victims of disaster. The primer includes the regular and special programs afforded by the said agencies, the requirements for eligibility, and the procedure for availing the benefits.

During disasters, the prime is given on relief efforts which are focused on the welfare of the living. It overshadows the suffering and trauma caused by the sudden loss of a loved one. The Management of the Dead and the Missing (MDM) is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspect of the recovery phase in the post-disaster scenario. MDM is part of the eleven response clusters of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). Thru this response, we promote and protect the rights of the dead and missing calamity victim and survivors.

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ABCD Primer

The need for information during post disaster operations is paramount. Beyond the life-saving provisions for food, benefits through financial and non-monetary (employment, education) assistance is much sought after. However, with the temporary disruption in their operations, local government units and line agencies may not be able to gather all information regarding benefits available to disaster-affected individuals. This creates a state of unrest, anxiety and despair among the already suffering individuals. 

The primer seeks to provide disaster-affected LGU officials and communities with accessible information on benefits available to them. The primer benefits both the duty bearers and affected individuals alike. For the duty bearers, they are guided of the basic standards that should be afforded to their beneficiaries, thereby delivering services  that are apt to their needs and avoiding actions that may further cause harm than good. The affected individuals are made aware of their rights and benefits available to them.

MDM Module

This Module on the Management of the Dead and Missing aims to provide relevant information to the basic responders, the bereaved families, and the vulnerable communities. It discusses basic information of the MDM Response: the organizational structure of the cluster, how organizations work with each other, and the applicable laws that can provide protection to the dead and missing calamity victims and survivors. 

The module also promotes the right of the bereaved families to undergo the proper grieving process and avail of any death compensation benefits. Additionally, the need to protect one’s rights which might be affected whenever there is a fraudulent or wrongful issuance of Certificate of Death is also discussed inside the module. 

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