Welcome to the Qualification of situations: case studies from recent practice course! 

This one hour webinar is linked with the webinar titled "Qualification of Armed Conflict and Determining the Applicable Law". It expands the discussion on qualifying armed conflicts by providing two cases studies from Ukraine and Syria. It describes the importance of carrying out qualification assessments but also its complexity. 

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Is this course for me?
This course is aimed at humanitarian practitioners as well as others with a professional or general interest in humanitarian action in situations of armed conflict.

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How will I benefit from this course?
On completion of this course you will understand:
  • How to undertake qualification analysis using Syria and Ukraine as examples
  • Relevant treaty terminology and rules regarding qualification
  • Criteria helpful in determining conflict threshold
  • Analysis of straightforward and complicated scenarios, including those developing rapidly
  • Practical utility and relevance of qualification framework.
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How long will it take?
 This course should take you around 1 hour to complete.

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How much does it cost?
 This course is free!

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Will I get a certificate at the end?
 Yes - you will be able to download a certificate once you have have completed all of the modules within the course.

The word START and a question mark in a circleHow do I start?
 Scroll to the top of the page and click on the       Join        button. This will take you through to the course page itself. You don't need to complete the course in one go - you can always continue later from where you left off.