In a world where everything is instant and immediate results are top of the agenda, it is nevertheless dangerous to try to save time by cutting moments for reflection and adaption out of your diary, failing to learn from experience, or not having sufficient time to adopt new ideas and methods or engaging cooperation.

In this module, you will look beyond traditional time management methods and explore the state of mind you need to adopt to address time issues.

With this programme, you'll develop the three talents you need to be effective in a fast-paced, changing, complex world:

  • distance: taking a step back;
  •  consistency: remaining calm;
  •  relevance: choosing the appropriate actions with the least risk.

Key advantages of this course include;

  • Its simple approach that goes beyond treating the symptoms and looks at the causes, giving practical, long-term results: you will no longer manage your time - you will optimise it by taking a step back and developing the three talents. 
  • An original approach to time that accommodates unforeseen events, deals with the root causes of urgent situations and incorporates decision-making as a major factor of time management.
  • Best practice and practical tools for each of the three talents.        

You'll be able to

  • Take a step back from unexpected events
  • Adopt the three talents you need to operate in a rapid, changing and complex environment.
  • It will help you to step back from unexpected events and boost your ability to keep calm and avoid panic.
  • You will learn how to make appropriate, low-risk decisions.


Anyone who finds it difficult to manage their time when dealing with unforeseen circumstances and constant changes. This module is particularly suited to project stakeholders.


This course should take around 30 minutes to complete.