What is the course about?

This course is structured around the project cycle and covers all of the key skills required to design, implement and monitor cash and voucher assistance. 

The course is focused on a technical/programmatic perspective, and incorporates examples and case studies from multiple sectors. 

Course Aim: To support participants to be able integrate CVA into the design, implementation and monitoring of humanitarian programming.

Who is this course for?

This course is for programme staff responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring cash and voucher assistance. This group might include:

  • programme managers, 
  • programme officers, 
  • technical specialists from any sector, such as food security, livelihoods, WASH, Health, or Shelter
  • MEAL specialists.

Participants are typically from 

  • NGOs/INGOs 
  • UN 
  • Red Cross/Red Crescent 
 In addition they may be from: 
  • Donors, especially staff involved in technical supervision of and guidance to projects/programmes 

Data protection

This course was created by CaLP, who monitor use of this course to ensure it is fit for purpose. This means that CaLP will be able to see the name you use on Kaya and any professional information you have given us. All this data will be anonymised before it is used for any analysis or reporting. If you have any questions about this, please email training@cashlearning.org