The Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation e-learning module covers common mistakes in written English, from puzzling punctuation to sneaky spellings. This refresher should help you to ensure that all your written work, from emails to reports, is of the highest possible standard.

It will cover the most common mistakes and give tips for improving your writing skills, including:

  •     The correct use of punctuation, specifically the use of apostrophes, colons/semi-colons, parentheses and quotation marks
  •     Tricky spellings and commonly confused words which trip people up, and how to remember them
  •     Checking your spellings by using an online dictionary or spellchecker
  •     The key points which will help you to communicate your message clearly, effectively and professionally.


This module is suitable for both native and non-native English speakers; it is designed for anyone who wants to improve.

This course should take around 30 minutes to complete.