The Core Professional Humanitarian Training Programme from Humanitarian U offers a complete competency-based curriculum that prepares both aspiring humanitarians and those who are already working in the sector for the challenges they will face in the field. 

Designed and taught by experts from around the world, the programme combines academic rigor, evidence-based practice, standardized learning objectives, interesting learning activities, case studies and testing to measure performance. 

The programme is made up of 4 Modules. This course contains Module 2; you can find links to additional modules below.

Module 2: Humanitarian Response and Actors

Module topics

  • Humanitarian response
  • Main actors
  • Military
  • National actors
  • Humanitarian space

Learning objectives

  • Define humanitarian response
  • List the three categories of humanitarian response
  • Describe the three main types of humanitarian actors
  • Identify the organisations that fall within the three main types of humanitarian actors
  • List the central characteristics that define the humanitarian space


This module is suitable for all humanitarians, in particular those who are new to the sector, those who are keen to refresh their knowledge, and volunteers in humanitarian response. 


1 hour.