This module is presented as part of the Global Capacity Development programme for Child Friendly Schools (CFS), developed by the UNICEF Education Section in New York, in collaboration with regional and country offices.

Learning objectives

The purpose of this module is to help you:

    apply the concepts and principles that are the foundation of the CFS model.
    recognize CFS as a dynamic model that charts out a pathway to quality enhancement in education that is flexible enough to be applied to development as well as emergency situations.
    gain the necessary technical knowledge, programming skills, and aptitutes to support the planning and implementation of the CFS model for education, as well as its mainstreaming into the national educaiton policies and plans.
    become familiar with key reference documents and resources to support the application of the CFS model.


This course is suitable to anyone interested in learning more about the Child Friendly School initiative, a core component of UNICEF's programmes in the field of Education.

The module was originally developed for UNICEF staff.


It will take you approximately 1-2 hours to complete the module.


This is a single elearning module. The full course - only availabe on the Agora platform - includes additional modules and resources.