The MOOC is designed to help development and relief professionals improve project effectiveness through MEAL. More specifically, the course supports learners that include:

  • Non-MEAL Specialists who would like to establish a solid foundation in MEAL.
  • MEAL Specialists who would like to reinforce their knowledge and skills; and establish a common language and culture of MEAL.


The course explores the full life cycle of monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning.  Upon completion of tIhe course,  participants will have knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Design logic models by using tools that include the Theory of Change, Results Frameworks, and Logical Frameworks (logframes).
  • Plan for MEAL by using tools that include Performance Management Plans, Indicator Performance Tracking Tables, Summary Evaluation Tables, Evaluation Terms of Reference, Feedback-and-Response Mechanisms, Learning Plans and Communications Plans.
  • Collect MEAL data by using well-designed qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, appropriate sampling methods, and recommended data management practices.
  • Analyze MEAL data by conducting a high level review of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods.
  • Use MEAL data by using MEAL data to make project decisions, communicate with stakeholders and practice adaptive management.


The MOOC has a modular structure and each weekly module builds on the previous one. Every week, learners will receive access to learning content, including illustrated whiteboard videos, elearning content and additional MEAL resources. 

This is a global, social learning experience—you will be connected with hundreds of other learners from around the world, and together you will share your experiences, challenges, ideas, strategies and questions related to the content. 


The MOOC is 4-weeks long, from 27 January to 28 February, 2020.

Depending on your background and experience level, the average time you can expect to dedicate to the MOOC activities is approximately 3 hours a week.


Here are the requirements to obtain your certificate:

  • Successful completion of the weekly course materials
  • Weekly participation in Forum threads initiated by the facilitator
  • Submission of weekly reflection

This MOOC serves as an introduction to the newly launched MEAL DPro certification program.  However, while the course provides an introduction to the MEAL DPro learning objectives, it is not intended to serve as a preparatory course for the certification exam. Course facilitators will provide further information on next steps to prepare for the certifications.

Data protection

This MOOC is delivered in collaboration with Humentum, who will facilitate each weeks' activities. This means that those staff members at Humentum will be able to see the name you use on Kaya and any professional information you have given us. All this data will be anonymised before it is used for any analysis or reporting. For more information please see Humentum's Privacy Policy.